The Revamil products are all certified as CE class IIa, IIb and III medical devices. All our products are manufactured under controled conditions following specifications of our quality system.

Years of research and usage in practice have shown that Revamil® is successful for a broad range of wounds. Clear benefits of using Revamil® are a safe and successful way of supporting the body to protect against wound infections and stimulate wound healing. There are no cyto-toxic effects as can be apparent from silver wound dressings. Also, Revamil® has a low methylglyoxal content which makes it safe to use, also for diabetic patients.

Tests are being carried out continuously, both to develop new honey based products for wound healing, and to understand even better the mechanisms and results of honey in wound healing.
  • Revamil® Balm is a combination of a skin-protecting, neutral ointment combined with pure honey.
  • Revamil hydrophilic wound gel consists of 100% pure, medicinal honey with a high enzyme content and a low pH.
  • Revamil® Hand is an deep-acting cream with honey for the every-day care of dry and rough hands.