Revamil Balm

Revamil Balm

Revamil® Balm is a combination of a skin-protecting, neutral ointment combined with pure honey. The ointment has both effective wound-healing and antibacterial properties due to its high honey content. Revamil Balm is kind to the skin and is primarily suitable for the treatment of surface wounds, such as grazes and wounds caused by the scratching of eczema. Revamil Balm can be applied in professional wound care and as an ointment for domestic first aid.

Revamil® Balm key characteristics are:

  • Protection against wound infections. Factors that contribute to the antibacterial protection are the low pH, the enzymes in the honey, and the low activity of water and high sugar content.
  • Limited necrotic tissue. Honey creates a moist wound environment which stimulates healing without necrotic tissue.
  • Removal of wound odors. Wound odor can occur due to bacteria who produce all kinds of substances in the wound.

To use for: different types of superficial wounds, allowed for all age groups


Revamil® Balm is supplied in 15 gr tubes.

Arachis oleum, cera alba, glyceryl oleate, mel, aqua

Use within three months of opening.

The product is manufactured under Bfactory's ISO 13485 certified quality management system. Revamil® Balm is a Class IIa CE registered product; optimum safety is therefore guaranteed.

Pharmaceutical substances
Revamil® Balm contains no pharmaceutical substances and is paraben-free.

Always contact your physician in case of serious wounds, or in case of doubts.

Directions for use
1. Apply a thin layer of Revamil® Balm on the wound
2. The wound can be covered with a wound dressing
3. Treat affected areas 1 to 2 times per day

Download Revamil Balm leaflet (PDF)